What are some of the things Third Brigade SFMC does?
It's more than just part of a fan club!


Come on Marines, you want to live forever? Now the chance for you and your fellow marines to role play out what dangers are still abound for the Federation and Starfleet.

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Supply Depot

Need a new phaser rifle? Challenge Coin? Having trouble finding the flag pole for your Brigade Flag? Look no further. We have found the most cost effective places on the web for you.

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Upcoming Events

When is the next Brigade wide event? What’s on the menu for the Dress Mess? Is the 302nd playing Laser Tag next month? Find out so you can mobilize your Marine Strike Group!

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Track the Station

Brigade Challenge – track the International Space Station.


About Us

What is the Third Brigade, SFMC?

The Third Brigade is the STARFLEET Marine Corps arm of STARFLEET Region 3 and encompasses the states of Texas and Louisiana. Our members come from all walks of life and ages. We all have one basic thing in common, a love of Star Trek. Our members do more than meet and talk about Star Trek. The Marine Strike Groups (MSGs) are active in the support of charity. We believe that time is our most valuable gift, so we donate our time to help charitable organizations. We conduct fund-raisers and volunteer our services to help our community. The 3rd Brigade has several Marine Strike Groups that encompass the ideals and principles of STARFLEET and the STARFLEET Marines. For more information on the 3rd Brigade or STARFLEET Marine Corps, please feel free to contact any of the Brigade Staff or look through the STARFLEET Marine Corps web site. If you would like to add a Marine Strike Group on your ship, please feel free to contact our Brigade OIC.


The Brigade staff is in place to facilitate the organization and enjoyment of all members of Third Brigade, and conduct the day-to-day operations of the Third Brigade. In addition the Brigade staff will develop policies and procedures that are deemed necessary by the Third Brigade, the SFMC and SFI. The senior staff [BDE Officer-In-Charge (OIC), BDE Deputy Officer-In-Charge (DOIC), the Chief Of Staff (if there is one), BDE Sergeant Major (BDE SGM), S1, S2, S3, S4, S6, Finance Manager (FM), and BN OICs] is required to submit articles for the bi-monthly Cry Havoc! Newsletter, detailing the activities and updates of their work. Brigade Staff shall utilize the brigade staff e-mail list to coordinate their activities, and monitor that list for guidance and instructions from the Brigade OIC. All Brigade Staff must be readily reachable through e-mail, phone, and online meeting tools (as directed by the BDE OIC). All Brigade staff members are appointed by the Brigade OIC and serve at the OIC's pleasure.

BGN Jeremy Carsten

Brigade Officer in Charge
In accordance with SFMC Policy manual, Section 3.06, page 18, the Brigade OIC is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of Commander, Forces Command (COFORCECOM). Brigade OICs are in position to make the flow of information from the single Marine to the Commandant work smoothly. Therefore, it is the primary duty of the Brigade OIC to collect and compile the information included in the Unit reports. The Brigade OIC appoints Battalion (BN) OICs and all staff as needed. The Brigade OIC should collect the reports either from the MSG OICs or the BN OICs and edit and compile the information into the proper format for the Brigade report. Brigade Reports are due to COFORCECOM by the 21st of each even numbered month (February, April, June, August, October and December). It is recommended that the online report form be used to file reports for all reporting levels, but other methods will be accepted as long as the COFORCECOM has been informed of the desire to use alternate methods and has agreed.

MGN Thomas Clark

Brigade Deputy Officer in Charge
The Brigade DOIC is a backup to the OIC, and should be kept informed as to the running of the Brigade. If for any reason the OIC is unable to perform the duties assigned to the position, the DOIC should be prepared to step in to ensure the smooth running of the Brigade. The DOIC should receive copies of all reports and decisions of the OIC. If the OIC resigns or for another reason is no longer able to perform the duties of the office, the DOIC may be asked by COFORCECOM to step in as Acting OIC until such time as the office of OIC can be filled. The DOIC may submit an application for OIC if he so desires, but will not necessarily be selected to fill the position permanently

MCPO Steve Sardeson

Brigade Sergeant Major
The Sergeant Major is responsible for promoting communication to the BDE OIC and staff from the enlisted members of the Brigade. The Sergeant Major also serves as the Brigade’s Honor Guard Commander. He will coordinate any Color Guard/Honor Guard details as directed, and may delegate someone to actually lead the Color Guard or Honor Guard at Regional Summit or Brigade Muster. He will also ensure adequate training is provided to members performing in Color Guard events, and is charged with inventory and maintenance of Brigade and Region assets assigned to the Color Guard/Honor Guard. Additionally, the Sergeant Major works to establish and promote esprit de corps and morale within and among all Brigade units

BDR Glenda Stephenson

Finance Manager
The FM assists the BDE OIC with all the Third Brigade finances, is responsible for creating and maintaining a record of the financial transactions of the Third Brigade, and shall submit timely reports to the Brigade OIC, COFINCOM, and the Brigade Staff as requested. FM is responsible for preparing a quarterly report on the current fiscal state of the Brigade, and for shorter, bi-monthly submissions to the Cry Havoc!. He shall work closely with the S4 on all aspects concerning the Brigade’s finances resulting from sales.


Brigade S1 (Administration)
The S1 oversees and aids in MSG/MEU level units reporting, tracking reporting trends and late reports. He will assist Unit OICs as requested. The S1 shall also be record keeper for all Brigade meetings, as well as keeping operating documents (such as this manual and staff contact list) up to date. Additionally the S1 serves as the personnel officer, helping the OIC to manage awards and promotion recommendations, and tracking unit heraldry.

CPT Daniel Roe

Brigade S2 (Intelligence)
The Intelligence Officer is responsible for planning, coordinating, and running the Brigade’s Role-play activities. This includes maintaining the online activities of the RP system, sending tasks to, and receiving reports from, participating units.

COL Alice Nightbird

Brigade S3 (Operations)
The Operations officer is responsible for planning and coordinating all SFI and SFMC events affecting the Brigade. This includes the Brigade Muster, coordination with Region staff concerning the Region Summit, as well as events, communications, and relations with other Brigades and Regions.

COL Sarah Hays

Brigade S6 (Communications)
The S6 is responsible for overseeing the timely publication of the Brigade bi-monthly newsletter, the “Cry Havoc!”and seeing that is it available on the Brigade website. Additionally the S6 is responsible for maintaining the Brigade website, e-mail lists, and any other IT requirements. The S6 can delegate these responsibilities further

LTC Kelly Hays

Brigade S6-IT IT Infrastructure
The S6-IT is responsible for maintaining the Brigade website, Facebook and any other web presence, as well as the e-mail lists. Additionally he will serve to advise on any other IT requirements the Brigade may need.

LGN Edward Tunis III

Brigade S6-AV/Audiovisual Consultant

Units of the Third Brigade

Table of organization & equipment